First blog post, Let’s get started

This week I worked with Particles in Unity. I was trying to make a little cloud poof for the enemies to disappear behind once shot. It was difficult to keep the little cloud from spreading out, and to make the cloud stay close. There was also the problem of making the cloud image show up. After several hours of looking it up, screaming, yelling and slamming my mouse against the mousepad, I finally got it to work. Then I replicated the process a couple times, just to make sure I understood what I was doing.

I run the group meetings we have. I maintain the Scrum Document and try to keep my group working in the right direction. I secure locations for my group to work in together. This creates an open environment where we can toss ideas back and forth, as well as keep everybody informed about what the others are doing. It joins us together, and makes us feel like a team, as opposed to just a bunch of students thrown together. The physical space helps us enter the mental state of “This is Game Design Time” so we may also focus together.

Today we had our pre-alpha meeting with Markus, and we received criticism. So we quickly hunkered down and created a new narrative. We threw up several ideas, with someone playing devil’s advocate, which made us scrap several things. I eventually started researching PiƱatas and stumbled upon the answer to our problems. From there things fell into place and we worked on filling in all the details. My Graphics are a bit upset that they must start over with practically everything, but it is a step in the right direction.

After all the narrative discussion, I sat my group down to discuss our stand-up meetings, or, lack there of. I laid down the law about times. I understand that some days it is completely impractical to meet up in person, but that we needed our digital meet ups. Mondays and Thursdays were our Sprint Planning and Sprint Reviews respectively. Tuesdays, our scheduals never meet up, so a Facebook update between 1800-1815 was implemented, making sure the info was only posted at that time, no sooner or later. Wednesdays were toss ups, If we had class we would do our meetings during the first break, or at noon if someone was not in class. However, if we did not have class on Wednesday, we would implement the same rule as on Tuesdays. Fridays we will continue to update the sprint sheet at 1700 over discord. This way everything will be taken care of and we do not have extra work on Monday.

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