Blog Number 2

Earlier in the week I went looking for sound online. I found a site with some license free music, however it gave individuals the option of purchasing tracks. I attempted to read the terms of use, as they had something about student use, but because I could not properly understand the text. I plan to go back to the Terms of Use on the page to see if they give students some sort of slack, however I doubt it. I do plan on purchasing one of the shorter sounds to use for the power up, providing the Lead Sound approves of the sound. I am also looking into other websites to find what they offer. I want to properly read and understand the Terms of Use before I decide on anything. I do not want to risk Legal action being taken on me or my groupmates. If anything I care about them and I do not want any of us getting in over our heads.

Wednesday was my eventful day this week. My designer and I worked on our Alpha Presentation. While sitting down and working on our presentation we noticed a slight flaw; our group was not aware of what we were putting on the presentation. Seeing as we were pointing out things we found, less than savory in our work, the pair of us decided we needed to inform the rest of the group. Therefore, we dragged them all into a meeting over discord. We discussed what was in the presentation, and debated what we implemented. My designer wanted did not agree with me placing a large chunk of the blame on him and myself, but I believe in taking responsibility for my actions, no matter how it turns out. In the end however, I could see the pit that formed in his stomach about the info, so we removed where the blame was placed.

My group pushed back our sprint review to Friday, due to the presentations. Unfortunately, this means that our SCRUM Master will be unable to join us for the review, then again, she would not have been able to join us on our preferred Thursday either due to workshops. Well, that is all for now.

Talk To You Later.



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