Blog Post 3 – Working with the sick.

This week was an interesting one. I spent quite a lot of time de-bugging my backlog. It was initially created by my Designer, so I had trouble understanding it, therefore it was neglected. It is what I did this Wednesday during our 3 hour group meeting. I was joined by one Graphics, one Programmer, and my Designer, seeing as my other group mates were ill.

This was a pity because I was trying out different music possibilities with the group. They were all rejected. The reasons behind it being they felt too “Happy” or that they did not feel like “Satan taking souls to hell.” To be fair they were like that. The largest problem is that our game is set in Mexico, and we want our music to reflect that, to keep that feel we need Latin music. And as some of you may know, those people love to party. Their music is upbeat and positive. It is pretty much the essence of what makes Latin music Latin. A party would not work with somber music. The few things that seemed like they would work were deemed too repetitive, or they had lyrics. The music having lyrics is only a problem because we cannot understand the lyrics, this means that we cannot say how appropriate it is. I found that Latin-rock has the right feel, unfortunately all of it has a vocalist, which is the biggest problem with it.

I was forced to miss the Thursday meeting due the fact that I myself have fallen ill. I attempted to work from home but it proved to be difficult. I edited the backlog more and prepped for the sprint review. I hope I will be well enough for our planned pre-playtest prep day, as well as the Playtesting day itself. Only time will tell.




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