Blog 4 – Focus

This week I feel the week started early. The team grouped together on Sunday to get things ready for the Play-Testing. The meeting was going to be a collaboration day, where we would implement what we had done together. Unfortunately, some individuals felt that they would have time to finish what they were supposed to do before implementing it. This resulted in a waste of time, and some scolding followed.



My main focus of the week was getting the Beta Presentation up and running. Which was a bit difficult, because half the problems we do have comes from inexperience with Unity, as well as the things that have gone well seem to be things that should happen anyway. As I was making the presentation my focus is on how everybody is working with one another. What I focus on is are things getting done, and are they getting done on time. This has been going well during our 2, 3-hour meetings during the week. Some good progress was done, the group was able to ask questions and get things done properly. Although, the Programmers did not show up on the second day, it was because they were working from home and became super productive. If they had to pack up and head to school, they would have lost their flow. Their absence was missed, but they got their things done and were available for discord or skype calls if we needed them.

There was a slight hiccup with a couple members of the group not processing the meet-up time. It was rather unfortunate that they arrived at the library, two full hours before we were to begin work. I could say that they should listen, but in truth, I should have sent a reminder about the time and location the night before. I will do this from now on, as I do not want this incident to happen again.


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